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At the beginning of an idea there is always a concept. The more sophisticated the initial idea is, the more precisely the result will be edited. Your wishes and requirements are always the focus and a tailor-made concept is developed for you.

The Internet is no longer a static text and image medium. Interactive and dynamic presence makes your company appear optimized and modern and therefore appeals to a broad target audience. Through clever and eye-catching online features, individual and eye-catching web projects can be dynamically realized thanks to Web 3.0 technology.

The best internet solution is of no use if it is not marketed specifically. This applies both to websites that are intended for customers and to intranet solutions that need to be communicated to employees.
Although more and more websites are online, many companies completely neglect online marketing or advertise in an unstructured and aimless manner. The number of advertising options is increasing rapidly, especially in the online sector.
Internet advertising is no longer limited to placing advertising banners. Setting specific objectives, a targeted selection of measures and effective and efficient controlling are necessary.

Thanks to a strong network with professionals from the areas of 3D visualization, print design, film editing and audio studio, I can do justice to your ideas for 100 % with a clear conscience.

Strategy consulting and positioning

Strategic product advice

Don't believe your management consultants or other dubious know-it-alls about which campaign you need, which technical website presence or the latest "must have" is best for you. They primarily just want your money and unfortunately it is used up for a lot of blah blah faster than you would like. For me, as a freelancer with over a decade of professional experience and countless CI & project implementations, customer satisfaction comes first and that's why I always recommend my customers only what they actually need for a good company. Online marketing and company representations are not rocket science, but a logical sequence of clear processes.

There is no point in standing in the desert with snowshoes or climbing a snowy peak barefoot.

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“The plan is missed, the moment is missed, the memories are a reminder, the past is burning. Where is the future heading now?”

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