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Calm compositions with live recordings from Tenerife's natural world edited with electronic downbeat ambient music. Ideal for relaxation, falling asleep, stress relief or meditation. Put on your headphones, select the binaural album Sonidos de Tenerife and escape the hectic everyday life.

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Sonidos de Tenerife


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Sonidos de Tenerife – Leonyl’s new chillout album

The binaural album entitled 'Sonides de Tenerife' (Sounds of Tenerife) offers chillout music with binaural sounds for optimal relaxation. The album of sleep music contains the sound worlds of Tenerife through six exclusively composed pieces, each 20 minutes long.

Music that takes every listener into a mental dream vacation from the very first moment. The carefully arranged sounds by the artist Leonyl accompany the listener into a world of relaxation that puts small children and adults into a deep and healthy sleep. On to the album.

6 tracks with binaural ambient sounds

Each piece is mixed with binaural sounds, which creates a relaxed and meditative mood. From the moving title “Kieselstrand” to the deep atmospheric sounds of “Baranco,” the album gradually transforms from energetic chillout to serene relaxation music.

Stereo headphones are beneficial for fully enjoying music, as they allow the Schumann frequency, specially mixed by the composer, to have its effect.

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