Good quotes and lines that I have read or heard somewhere. Or modified and interpreted yourself?

“I do is the essence of I could!”

“Before madness conquers us, we must experience the truth.”

“Giving is silver, sharing is gold.”

“Spirituality expands the three-dimensional world.”

“There are harmonies and contrasts hidden in the colors that work together quite naturally.” — Vincent van Gogh, Dutch painter and graphic artist —

“Those who are lied to today will still be deceived tomorrow.”

“Whoever lives in the here and now is in the moment in which there is neither past nor future.”

“The plan is missed, the moment is missed, the memories are a reminder, the past is burning. Where is the future heading now?”

“Next to every right-winger there is a left-winger”

“Egomaniacs have more than just double standards.”

“The higher you swing, the better the overview.”

“One we is better than multiple Is.”

“The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” — Albert Einstein, physicist —

“It’s not money that rules the world, but opportunities.”

“Our ego is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.”

“Those who don’t fight help!”

“If you want to know the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” — Nikola Tesla inventor and physicist —

“German is clear.”

“Flags only blow in the wind.”

“The opposite of love is fear.”

“AI is probably the best or worst thing that can happen to humanity.” – Stephen Hawking, physicist –

“Those who understand the meaning of life no longer understand themselves.”

“More heirs reduce happiness.”

“Creativity doesn’t start on Monday mornings just before ten!”

“Mature without aging is like living without being sick.”

“The third eye presses on the pineal gland”

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