Sleep well despite the humming sound phenomenon


The effective and relaxation-promoting use of binaural ambient music is recommended against the humming sound phenomenon.

Counter the humming sound phenomenon with frequencies.

The humming sound is one of the most difficult to explain acoustic phenomena and is often incorrectly compared with the much more well-known tinnitus. In contrast to the high-pitched beeping, the humming tone is a low frequency in the range below 20 Hz. To put things into perspective: Most people can only perceive acoustic signals at a frequency of 20 Hz.


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Those affected, who often have acoustic hypersensitivity, find the disturbing frequencies of the humming sound extremely unpleasant. In very few cases can a cause be identified for the noise described as 'booming' or 'wobbling'. An external source of noise cannot be ruled out. Even acoustic examinations of the respective environment rarely help those affected. With external sources, it can only sometimes be determined whether bass music from the neighbor, electromagnetic vibrations, whirring transformers, water pumps, pipes in the house, heaters, chimneys or ventilation systems are the trigger for the disturbing frequencies. Those affected, for whom external sources can be ruled out, have to live with the humming sound permanently without a well-founded scientific explanation and without serious therapy.

If you are accompanied by the disturbing infrasound, everyday situations can become a challenge. The humming sound is known to trigger massive sleep disorders and, depending on the severity, even prevents the person from entering the deep sleep phase. Without this regenerative sleep, everyday life becomes increasingly difficult to cope with. There is increasing restlessness, mood swings, lack of ideas and difficulty concentrating. Performance in everyday life is constantly decreasing.

In order to counter the humming sound phenomenon and to be able to sleep despite the unwanted constant sound, the media designer Leonyl has written and recorded exclusive compositions in his new album 'Sonidos de Tenerife'. With the help of binaural music, natural sounds and meditative sounds, everyday life can be lived well despite the annoying noises caused by low-frequency sound. The artist himself overcomes his own humming-related insomnia with his music and can easily cope with his everyday creative work thanks to counter-sound with headphones. The exclusively composed pieces can be downloaded from the artist's homepage or streaming services for use in everyday life and while sleeping.

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