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Falling asleep is one of the biggest challenges we humans face every day. Because just before the relaxation that a healthy sleep brings, the hurdle of the diverse daily impressions must first be overcome.

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Sonidos de Tenerife


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Detach yourself from stress-ridden reality

Often the brain only really turns on after you are already lying in bed ready to sleep. Without being able to prevent it, you relive the stressful moments of the day in your mind's eye.

Falling asleep can be a real torture, especially for small children and babies. For them, sensory impressions are first experiences that involve high levels of cortisol and adrenaline. The tired little ones' re-experiencing before falling asleep is often accompanied by loud screaming. Parents often don't know how to help themselves. Chillout and ambient music are the means of choice to free your head from the maelstrom of images and experiences. Live recordings of various natural phenomena such as the sounds of the forest or the surf make it possible to break away from stressful reality.

The gentle beats stimulate the brain, calm breathing and slow the pulse. The carefully composed sounds by the acoustic editor Leonyl allow the listener to slide into a world without tension, which leads to a deep and healthy sleep for small children and adults alike.

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