Graphic design

Graphic design is the foundation of every 3D, print or web designer. From photoshopping, drawing, to animation and image research, the graphic designer must know his craft. Similar to the screwdriver in the craftsman's hand.

The graphic designer is the inventor of a logo, the animator who transports an existing design into the day after tomorrow or a visualizer for customer-friendly online applications. In addition to a real sense of customer requirements and style, the graphic designer must above all have a challenging, idiosyncratic idea that stands out from the competition.

A suitable corporate design should also make your company appear as a unit internally and externally. It starts with the right typography on your printed material and ends with your specified color scheme in an advertising banner.

Why you choose a graphic edition from Leonyl? Not because I'm a jack of all trades, but because I maintain a network of professionals with long-standing and reliable partnerships.

Exceed customer expectations

Leonyl's service in graphic design:
Idea, layout, typography, color theory, visual identity, infographics, UX design, advertisements, advertisements, user interface, presentations, logo creation, corporate design, redesign.

Overview of contributions in graphic design

“Those who understand the meaning of life no longer understand themselves.”

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