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There was a time when... “professional products only“have drawn attention to themselves with lettering or graphic elements. They have conveyed a clear identity and an unmistakable recognition value. These logos were concise, they reflected the modernity of their creation and were so perfect that they do not appear old even after decades.

But nowadays there are people in society for whom the name is no longer enough and would like to represent a symbol for their identity. In addition, there are millions of websites that offer unnecessary content and advertising, some of which have a semi-professional character and a lack of CI (corporate identity). They do not contain any company information but contain their own logo. These “would-be” logos are more reminiscent of a sketch by an untalented 14-year-old or are so closely based on existing and protected trademarks that they have to be approved immediately by a patent attorney. Such logos contain neither a structure nor a reference to the company's statement and do not have to be legally tested against existing utility models.

In order for a logo to fit, work for the occasion and be self-sufficient enough to establish itself on the market without confusion, an experienced designer must dedicate himself to this task. It starts with the idea, the understanding of the occasion, the logic behind the symbol and the ideal, visual arrangement of the name. A contemporary logo avoids any frills; it must appear monochromatic on a black and white contrast, but also in a colorful variety. The sign becomes a symbol and has the power to make a clear statement worldwide even without text. The logo must attract its target group in such a way that everyone can identify with it. A good logo is simple yet perfect.

If the logo exists as a visualization, every entrepreneur should be professional enough to have the trademark rights checked by a lawyer before publication. There is nothing worse than investing time and money in production, only to be subsequently hit by competitors with high warnings and legal fees.

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