The Internet was and is the medium of the future

The rapid increase in online and web technology can be felt in the connection speed, thanks to fiber optic technology, and the increased interest in Internet users via desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

In the last 10 years, the number of Internet users has increased by 750% from approximately 960 million to 5.3 billion worldwide. The frontrunner is Asia, followed by Europe and North America. Africa and the Middle East in particular have seen the highest increase in recent years.

So the world is online and your website is waiting to be visited.

If you have a new online presence or your current website does not achieve the required hit rate for various search queries, you are a potential customer. You need to target international visitors, offer content in different languages or fonts (Cyrillic, Chinese) and serve search engine bots in the same way as your human website visitors. Whether it's products, companies, services or information that you publish, only what exists on your website and is well positioned on the global network can be found on the www.

Seo takes place in the content and must be applied correctly in the source text as well as in the structure. The respective crawlers or search engines prefer content that is considered particularly educational and is well linked.

The regular exchange of information between your server and the search engines must be activated and maintained. For everything to run smoothly, meta tags must be error-free and legible. In general, it is still important to maintain the Web 3.0 standard and master the basics of SEO. Of course, the behavior of consumers with smartphone technology also plays a role here; far more people go online these days on their mobile devices and no longer sit in front of their desktop at home.

The first question is how your online presence was created, whether the implementation is generally error-free and whether it meets the technical requirements of the web generation. The decisive factor is which search terms you want to be found with in the search engines and for which term your entry should appear in the TOP 10 list or in a highlighted position.

Then come the individual discussions between the customers and me so that a unique campaign can be planned that will gradually increase the number of visitors to your website.

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