Binaural ambient album to relax


Calm compositions with live recordings from Tenerife's natural world edited with electronic downbeat ambient music. Ideal for relaxation, falling asleep, stress relief or meditation. Put on your headphones, select the binaural album Sonidos de Tenerife and escape the hectic everyday life. Sonidos de Tenerife – the new chillout album by Leonyl The binaural album entitled 'Sonides de Tenerife' [...]

Sleep music for adults, children and babies


Falling asleep is one of the biggest challenges we humans face every day. Because just before the relaxation that a healthy sleep brings, the hurdle of the diverse daily impressions must first be overcome. Disconnect from stress-ridden reality Often, your brain only really gets going after you're already lying in bed, ready to sleep. Without […]

Sleep well despite the humming sound phenomenon


The effective and relaxation-promoting use of binaural ambient music is recommended against the humming sound phenomenon. Counter the humming sound phenomenon with frequencies. The humming sound is one of the most difficult to explain acoustic phenomena and is often incorrectly compared with the much better known tinnitus. In contrast to the high-pitched beeping, the humming tone is a low frequency in the range below 20 Hz. To […]

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