SEO – search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is not rocket science, but a logical sequence of algorithms.

The optimization of search engine entries and the use of marketing-specific measures are the key to a top listing on the search engines Google or Bing. If you want to be successful with your online presence these days, you have to invest in search engine marketing and understand the basics of SEO and SEM.

We differentiate between the technical and content-related requirements that are necessary for a professional presentation. All technical setups must be carried out by a web designer or administrator, including the title theory from h1 to h4, the use of Google modules, setting up page descriptions and logical linking of website content according to categories and content. The editorial work, i.e. the creation of content, is based on the technically secure side. Only the entirety of a website creates full SEO suitability.



Content is King, they say, and that's how it is. Anyone who writes their own texts for their industry and does not copy external content improperly and uses enough keywords and synonyms in their text has a very good chance of reaching the popular top 10 search engine rankings. Only if the text phrases that are entered into the search engines as a search are actually published on your website will you quickly be in the best ranking with a little SEM support.

Here it is advisable to seek the support of professional copywriters; this incurs extra costs, but these will pay off when you read your website content and improve search engine rankings.

As a tip, I can recommend taking advantage of the offer from Google Adwords, because anyone who specifically invests a monthly budget for search engine advertising will not only see a rapid increase in their number of visitors, but will also benefit from directly addressing the respective target groups and thus achieve direct sales or contact inquiries.

Unfortunately, maintaining a good position in search engine rankings is very difficult and a matter of constant adjustment. Millions of companies around the world try to appear on the first pages of search engines every day and spend huge amounts of marketing budgets on agencies and Google Adwords for this goal. Depending on the target group, it is also advisable to invest in other advertising channels and social network portals.

social network

Cleanly edited and well connected.

The purpose of the social network is to connect communities of interest and quickly link useful information. Images, videos, short messages and complete profiles in digital exchange.

Unfortunately, in our age of spam and “having to be there for everything,” the quality of the content has been lost.

soc5 Youtube


YouTube is the undisputed number one video portal on the Internet. With 2.5 billion monthly users, the portal provides ideal conditions for viral marketing with videos.

soc1 Instagram


“Insta” for short is the new commerce of social networks in the last 10 years. Instagram allows you to upload films and pictures to your own photo micro blog for smartphones. There the uploads can be shared with friends and commented on.

soc8 Facebook


With almost 2 billion members worldwide and 3 million users in Germany alone, Facebook is the biggest hit in social interaction every day. Over the last 10 years, the portal has become more and more of an advertising platform.

soc10 ehemals twitter jetzt X


Elon's X, formerly Twitter, is the short message service of our fast generation with 362 million users. This service proves to be very helpful in the # hashtag headline, just tweet something and all followers are informed.

soc7 LinkedIn


LinkedIn is an international presence specifically for connecting and maintaining business contacts. Applications, business profiles and serious self-portraits to get to know each other.

soc2 Xing


Xing is the German offshoot of LinkedIn and has 21.5 million users in the German-speaking DACH region. Thanks to this appearance, German headhunters will soon belong to a dying breed.

soc9 RSS Feed


Rss stands for Really Simple Syndication and in German “really simple multiple application”. It reflects your own and third-party news on your own and third-party websites. A quick and direct exchange of text & image information.

Therefore it is not recommended for every product or company e.g. B. offer a Facebook presence, because for companies, social networking means answering questions, giving feedback, constantly updating the content and not making countless mistakes. Competence must maintain the social networks so that a successful presentation results. The good thing about this “hype” is that with a good product, an ideal campaign, a targeted group and the appropriate know-how, success can really take you by surprise.

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